Quality Management System

Quality Standards of PUSB Engineering Sdn. Bhd. conforms to PBD ISO 9001:2000. PUSB Engineering Sdn. Bhd. quality policy statement are given as below:

  • Identify client's need and provide products and services that satisfy their requirement.
  • Charge staff with the responsibility to implement and ensure adherence to the quality management system.
  • Create and environment where staff are encouraged to identify and propose ideas for quality improvement.

Our Major O & G Projects

  • Danau & Bubut Gas Field Development (36,000mhr)
  • Champion Water Flood Development (56,000mhr)
  • Seria North Flank Development (103,000mhr)
  • SCOT Rejuvenation Phase 1 (30,000mhr)
  • Industrial Gas Terminal Project (44,000mhr)
  • Tutong Power Plant Gas Metering Station (20,000mhr)
  • Champion 7 Power Generation Project (30,000 mhr)
  • SNF Produced Water Re-injection (82,000mhr)
  • Offshore Facilities Maintenance Workpack Prep. (130,000mhr)
  • MOL Pipeline Replacement (20,000mhr)
  • Effluent Water Treatment Plant Project (74,000mhr)

WHY PUSB Engineering Sdn. Bhd.

  • Engineering Consultant of First Choice
  • Local offices
  • Emerging Bumiputra Multi-disciplinary Consultant
  • Backed by International Consultancy with over 28 year Proven Track Record
  • Alliance with Specialist Local and International Consultants and Contractors
  • One Stop Engineering Solution
  • Investment in technology
  • Services Assurance - International Standards and Best Practices
  • Emphasize the Development of Our Local Human Resources
  • TOP